Meister Degustazione Prosciutto-Caffé Letterarioé LetterarioThe Meister is situated in San Daniele del Friuli’s ancient square, tucked away in a corner in front of the Duomo.
We start out in the morning as a cafeteria, then go on to serve aperitifs and later turn into a small restaurant for quick but high-quality lunches and dinners.
We offer our patrons a vast range of highly selected products: our organic coffee from Brazil; teas, infusions and organic herbal teas, cakes and brioches.
Sweet and savoury breakfasts, snacks with handcrafted salamis, lunches and dinners.
San Daniele draught craft beer.
OUR DISHES. Crespelle with asparagus and San Daniele ham, platter of San Daniele DOP ham and Burrata or Montasio DOP, hot focaccia with small buffalo mozzarella, Sicilian cherry tomatoes, Taggiasca olives and San Daniele ham.
OUR WINES. Regional and italian.é Letterario