Il Melo Innamorato

All it takes is a ten-minute drive out of Cividale to find yourself immersed in the natural beauty of the Valli del Natisone and arrive in Clastra, a terrace on the Friuli plain, 400 metres above sea level, with Monte Matajur in the background.
And this is where you will find Luca and Daniela’s Il Melo Innamorato.
Their modus operandi: Luca farms and Daniela transforms, for cuisine where the imagination and creativity are at the service of the seasons and the ingredients are fresh from the garden.
It’s a little corner of paradise, where you can recharge at the end of the week.
OUR DISHES. Crepes with Jerusalem artichokes or montasio cheese, herbs and ricotta, Chestnut and mushroom soup. From the Friuli tradition: polenta and mushrooms, ‘frico’, sausage, frittata.
OUR WINES. Wines from the Friuli Colli Orientali area.