Malvasia Istriana

“Malvasia Istriana”: Collio and Carso white wine

The name Malvasia (originally Monemvasia) came from the Greek city of Monemvasia (Peloponnese area). Malvasia is used to name wines recalling the original winemaking style of this Greek city.

Malvasia grapes spread vastly and only in Italy we have many varieties with both white and red berried grapes.

A historical anecdote is that Edward IV of England convicted his brother George Plantagenet of treason, executed by drawing him in Malmsey wine.

Malvasia Istriana can be found cultivated in the Collio Goriziano and Carso areas of Friuli Venezia Giulia, but also in the nearby Slovenia and Croatia.

The Malvasia Istriana name comes from the Istria peninsula nowadays traversing Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. The grapes were introduced in the XIV century by the Venetian merchants who brought cuttings from Greece.

The Venetians become so busy trading Malvasia wines that merchant wine shops in Venice gained the nickname of malvasie.

Malvasia Istriana prefers the sloping terrain of drain soils of Collio Goriziano and Carso areas in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Damp conditions would increase diseases.

Malvasia Istriana from Collio DOC area is a round-bodied yellow wine.

It’s an intense and complex wine with floral notes, high minerality, and sometimes, hints of mandarin, spices and almonds depending on the production areas.