Traditional Collio gastronomy experience

Collio traditional gastronomy

Typical Collio products
Cured meats: ham, salami, sausages.
Fruits: cherries and plums of the Collio.
Vegetables: Radicchio “Rose of Gorizia”.
Desserts: Gubana of Gorizia and Putizza. Honey, spirits.

The cuisine of the area is’ an original mix of Austrian traditions, Friulian and Slovene recipes delivered down from generation to generation make Gorizia unique, by wines that have long been recognized among the best in the world. A representative dish from Gorizia is “the ham cooked in bread and sprinkled with grated horseradish”. Among the best soups, there are delicious jota (a thick soup of sauerkraut, potatoes, beans, and meat or pork rind) and Friulian barley soup and beans.

Directly from central Europe but full of Mediterranean aromas are the bread dumplings. In spring, the restaurants are scented with herb omelets, then in autumn muset and brovade (pork sausage with grated turnips and pomace), goulash (spicy in infinite variations), kaiserfleisch (smoked pork, sprinkled with fresh horseradish and served with sauerkraut and bread dumplings), venison with polenta, pork shank or veal in the oven.

As a side dish, pan-cooked potatoes and kipfel (small fried crescents of a mixture related to that of the dumplings.

Among the desserts reigns Gubana, a little ‘the gastronomic symbol of Gorizia, and’ a roll of puff pastry filled with dried fruit, raisins, candied citron, pine nuts, and walnuts. Other sweets are putizza, pliers, strudel (with apples, plums, or cherries), donuts, cake Dobosch (Hungarian), palacinke (sort of omelets stuffed with jam or chocolate), kugelkupf.