Al Cappone“Al Cappone” is situated just outside San Daniele, on the site of a former brickworks.
A ‘30s-style speakeasy-style pub with a characteristically-styled inner room converted from one of the brick kilns.
We offer excellent food, with grilled meat, wholesome entertainment in the form of live music, and delicious cocktails. Live music, DJ set, fixed-price menus, possibility of organising group dinners, birthday parties and much more! Tasty chargrilled meat served with steakhouse fries and grilled vegetables, crispy Wienerschnitzel in the best Austrian tradition, hot sandwiches and stuffed focaccia, a wide range of draught and bottled beers, from Warsteiner pale lager to Belgian red double malt Bonne Esperance, not to mention various grappas, cocktails, etc.
OUR DISHES. Chargrilled meat, hamburger, San Daniele DOP.
OUR WINES. Regional.