Sale e Pepe
Teresa Covaceuszach in the kitchen of her Restaurant Sale e Pepe in Stregna
If you want to discover the meaning of ‘local cooking’, stop by Sale e Pepe.
Ever since the trattoria opened, self-taught chef Teresa has set a challenging goal for herself: to exclusively cook dishes from her region, using local products.
The restaurant’s own kitchen garden ensures the freshness of the vegetables.
Instead of written recipes, there is more of a focus on the ones orally passed down by grandmothers – reworked but without losing the link to tradition.
OUR DISHES. Potato flowers with wild fennel, buckwheat polenta with salted, aged ricotta, Seuka apple and ‘Kren’, duck leg with chocolate, chestnuts and cinnamon.
OUR WINES. Only wines from Friuli, with a special focus on natives.