Enoteca De Feo

55-VisitCollio.com-Collio-Cividale-del-Friuli-Cormons-Enoteca-De-FeoThe de Feo wine bar opened in 1901.
It is a special place where you can still sense the cheerfulness and expertise of a team that loves its work.
Our food menu changes throughout the year as different products come into and go out of season.
You can savour a wide array of cold cuts and cheeses whatever the time of day; don’t miss our deconstructed carbonara!
We have a huge selection of wines, with around 350 from our region and beyond.
OUR DISHES. Minced Fassona beef, fresh fish from the neighbouring regions, and high quality meats cooked in various ways, including at low temperatures.
OUR WINES. Regional, Italian and international.