Prosciutteria IE Dall’Ava family has been making ham since 1955.
We set up our first Prosciutteria. In 1988, as a place where ham was no longer treated simply as a starter but, instead, as the absolute protagonist of a lunch or dinner, accompanied by fresh home-made pasta and sauces.
Following the success of this initial project, we now have 10 Prosciutterias – both in Italy and abroad.
OUR DISHES. GRANDOK: HAM EXPERIENCE selection of our hams (San Daniele DOP at various stages of maturation, FUMATO, HUNDOK, PATADOK, NEBRODOK) accompanied by mozzarella from Apulia, melon and bruschetta with cherry tomatoes, tortellini stuffed with ham and served with melted butter and ham ‘caviar’.
OUR WINES. Regional and Italian.