Le Badie

28-VisitCollio.com-Collio-Cividale-del-Friuli-Cormons-Le-BadieFollowing the rhythm of the seasons, Josè whips up gnocchi, orzotto and fresh pastas, spring lamb and pork on the spit and Angus on the grill.
Every day, farmers come up to Le Badie with fresh, genuine products, which the chef masterfully transforms following the middle-European tradition.
To complete this vision, Le Badie has a location that Bacchus would approve, among the vineyards in the heart of Collio, from whence its DOC wines, from the cask or bottled.
Some of the guest rooms have a view of the mountains, the others of the sea, a perfect place for resting in the afternoon and gazing at the stars at night.
OUR DISHES. Home-made gnocchi with seasonal sauce, roasted veal shin, grilled meats.
OUR WINES. DOC wines from the Colli Orientali del Friuli Venezia Giulia zone.