Frasca da Gianni

Frasca da Gianni is located near Cividale del Friuli, in tiny Sanguarzo, where it was opened in 1978 by the husband and wife team Gianni and Eda.
The historical restaurant is now being run by the second generation.
The cuisine has roots in the most authentic Friuli tradition, focusing on the provenance, quality and seasonality of the ingredients.
A vast selection of local wines accompanies the menu.
The space is divided into two rooms, and there is also a spacious summer garden.
The welcome and kindness of the staff, together with the flavours and atmosphere from the past, offer diners an experience of times gone by.
OUR DISHES. Salami with onions, ‘frico’ with potatoes and leeks.
OUR WINES. Colli Orientali wines and regional labels.